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Revive Medical Solutions



Revive Medical Ltd provides bespoke medical solutions for events, TV & film industries alongside first aid at work courses for the corporate sector and pre hospital care training incorporating the PHEM framework of FREC .

Revive Medical have over 10 years’ experience of supplying medical provisions to events just like yours and by using a range of clinical levels ensures we can plan and cater for both small and large events alike. 



Want to know if we can cater for your event? Get in touch, we provide clinical staff, equipment and vehicles based not only on your risk assessments, but alongside the HSE, purple and green guides. We will provide fully vetted staff, and aftercare communication for any incidences that may happen.


Film and TV

Staff provided by Revive medical will be able to provide you with bespoke services. From general day to date care, to clinical support for stunt provisions.

We can provide friendly staff who will help create a safe filming environment. 

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Revive medical was founded in 2023 by clinical and business experts, with the view to provide first aid and medical coverage to events, film, and TV industries within the UK.

Where we set our selves apart is that our staff, from frontline operations to directors have extensive experience in the industry. Revive Medical alone have 10 years of experience including holding professional registered healthcare status with registering bodies. Whereas the business, relations, and administration is overseen by members with experience in those subjects.

The overarching aim is to work with organisers, producers, and other clients to ascertain not only what requirements are considered safe according to the nationally recognised guides, but to make sure that aftercare, and to form a working relationship to remove pressures of future requirements you may need from Revive Medical Solutions Ltd.



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