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Planning and Pricing

Planning can be stressful, so we aim to take some of that stress away. To do this, we work with you and provide a plan for medical provisions based on:

- Your expected needs.

- The purple guide.

- Knowledge of the HSE and what is expected.

- Budgeting needs.


Event Day

When the date of your event rolls around, rest assured that our staff will attend. We never take on events that we cannot staff, and unless required by the CQC, will not outsource our work to other providers unless specifically agreed with yourself. Our staff are well trained, and provided with all the equipment they need to keep you and your customers safe.



Once the event is over, we will maintain communication with yourselves, this includes:

- Providing details of patient numbers, and pertinent details that involve health and safety.

- Provide open communication on any future support for events.

- Provide an opportunity for feedback to help improve our services.

Planning and Pricing continued...

a checklist

When planning medical cover for your event, we first need to gather preliminary details which will include; the type of event, expected crowd numbers, previous patient numbers, and location. This allows us to create risk assessments, consult the purple guide, and work with you to put together an event medical plan. 

This plan then gets sent to you for your reading, alongside a quote. We can then discuss this quote and cover, working with you to find a solution.

Unlike other companies, we will always be up front and honest with our capacity to cover events, if we believe we cannot cover it, we will not quote for it. Equally unless for specific CQC requirements, we will not outsource staff to other companies

Event Day continued...

a tent

Come the day of your event, we will email/text/call a designated contact you provide us to inform them we are starting travel to the location. This helps build a piece of mind that your medical cover will attend. 

Staff will arrive with all of the required equipment to do their role efficiently, and we aim to arrive 15-30 minutes before the start time, so that we can set up any equipment that may be required.

During the day, we will liase with a designated contact, plus any HSE's that attend, reporting to the designated contact any illness/injury that may link to health and safety concerns. Keeping your event as safe as possible.

Aftercare continued...

a handshake

Once your event has finished, we will reach out with a report of the event from our side. 

This report will include patient numbers, patient conditions, and the patient outcomes. Whilst we cannot provide identifiable patient details, we can provide enough information for you to make more informed decisions on your required medical cover for the future. 

We will ask you to provide us feedback, where we encourage honest feedback to help us improve.

Lastly, we hope that you will be happy enough with our service to invite us back.

Contact us about your event.

You may want to include:

- Date of the event.

- Type of event (Music, Family day, Food)

- Expected crowd numbers.

- Previous patient numbers.

This helps us to generate plans, however you can leave these blank and discuss it via email, phone call, or in person with us.

Thanks for submitting!

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