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Film & TV


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Planning and Pricing

Planning can be stressful, so we aim to take some of that stress away. To do this, we work with you and provide a plan for medical provisions based on:

- Your expected needs.

- Stunt days.

- Size of build.

- Knowledge of the HSE and what is expected.

- Budgeting needs.


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Day one build/shoot

When day one of the build or shoot rolls around, we want you to be reassured that we will turn up on time according to the call sheet. 

We will never undertake a contract that we cannot staff, and do not use other companies to provide staff (other than for CQC requirements), so the staff will be consistent and well trained throughout.


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Once the shoot/build is over, we will maintain communication with yourselves, this includes:

- Providing pertinent details that 

   involve health and safety.

- Provide open communication on

  any future support you may 


- Provide an opportunity for

  feedback to help improve our


Planning the medical cover for the set build and/or film shoot will involve reaching out to you for certain information. This usually will ask for information on: Site location, expected numbers of crew and cast, type of shoot, if there are any stunts, and for how long the cover is required. 

Unlike some companies, we only cover productions we can staff, and unless for specific CQC requirements, will never outsource our staff. This helps us provide consistently good and well vetted staff. 

Planning and Pricing continued...

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Once we have the call sheet, we will assign a medical personal to the role, where we attempt to keep this as consistent as possible. Your medic will call a designated contact on the day to inform them that we are traveling to site, for peace of mind.

They will arrive with all the equipment they require to do the role efficiently and will reach out to the single point of contact, to ask what type of presence you would like (constant, or distant). They will then be available, with an understanding that these days can over run in some cases.

a film slate

Day one build/shoot continued...

Aftercare continued...

Once the build/shoot has ended, we will provide a report that covers events from our side. This report will include patient numbers, conditions, and outcomes. Whilst it cannot provide patient identifiable information, it can provide enough information for you to make more informed decisions on medical cover in the future.

We will then ask for your feedback, where we welcome open and honest feedback to help us improve. Finally we hope that you will be happy enough with our services to invite us back in the future.

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Contact us about your production.

You may want to include:

- Date of production/ build start.

- Type of production (Music, TV, Film)

- Expected crew and actor numbers.

- Expected stunt days.

This helps us to generate plans, however you can leave

these blank and discuss it via email, phone call, or in

person with us.

Thanks for submitting!

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