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By Land

Here at Revive we understand that there are many well reputable companies that provide repatriation services. Therefore instead we offer support for those companies. 

We can provide registered clinicians such as Paramedics to help undertake repatriations. The role is known as a repatriation escort. 

This clinician can come equip with equipment and medications, however will travel in a vehicle provided by other well reputable companies.

We can do land transfers to and from anywhere within Europe.

Please use the form below to enquire.

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By Sea

Finding clinical staff by Sea isn't always easy. Revive can provide HCPC registered Paramedics as a clinical escort for patients who may have to be repatriated over sea. 

The Paramedics we provide will come with any required equipment and medications, as well as appropriate insurances. 

Further to this, we can look to provide Paramedics with qualifications suitable for work at sea, please enquire and we will work with you to find the correct clinician.

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By Air

Revive Medical can provide HCPC registered Paramedics, and/or other clinical support roles to escort patients who are being repatriated by air. 

We have several clinicians who have experience in air repatriation, including the rules and regulations surrounding medications and equipment on flights.

We can provide clinicians to fly to/from anywhere worldwide. Please fill out a form below to start an enquiry and we will reply as soon as we can.

Register your interest

By registering your interest, you will recieve an email when our training devision is operational.

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