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Job Description:

Please read before filling out the application:

Thank you for your interest in working for Revive Medical. Whilst this application form can look cumbersome, it is designed to get as many as the pre-employment checks done as possible. However, only the sections marked with * are required, so you do not have to do the entire onboarding process in this application.

Before you continue, we want to make sure that we are as right for you, as you are for us and therefore here is what we can offer you:

- Competitive pay.

- Base to base pay (we pay from the moment you leave our base, not from when you get to an event).

- CPD opportunities.

- Training opportunities.

- Insurances, including medical indemnity and public liability.

- Equipment and drugs required for the role (we don't expect you to supply your own).

- Flexible working hours.

What we ask of you:

- That if you commit to a job, you turn up.

- Professionalism.

- Willingness to adapt to needs.

- A successful interview (often held online)

- Completion of on boarding documents.

- Your HCPC Pin

- Your CPD Portfolio*

Once you have read the job description click the below button to apply:

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